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About Corie

The face of Milk Crate Circus


Originally from Wollongong NSW, Corie Hurry is a circus artist best known for his performances handstanding on a stack of chairs.


Corie was 14 when he picked up some juggling balls and after mastering all the backyard basics in the very early days of youtube, Corie joined up with Wollongong's Half High Circus classes in 2007, teaching children in exchange for lessons in acrobatics. After 6 years of teaching and performing in his hometown, Corie was accepted to train at Australia's National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne where he graduated a specialist in Chair-handstands and Chinese Pole.


Corie has since toured Australia and New Zealand performing and putting up circus tents with Circus Aotearoa, Hudson's Circus and The Great Moscow Circus among others.

Corie now has over 15 years experience circus coaching and is considered to be an exceptional all-rounder. Corie has had the privilege of coaching at Spaghetti Circus, Circus Monoxide, RUCCIS Circus, NICA Short courses, Little Devils Circus and Treetop Arts under the guidance of some incredible head coaches, directors and visionaries.

Corie's dream for the future is an inclusive venue based programme dedicated to quality circus coaching that makes the most of Australia's community of performing artists- rich with knowledge to pass on and with the passion and facility to inspire and nurture joyous creative energy in the next generation.

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