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Circus Acts

All of Corie's professional acts are the result of several years training and a commitment to blending art and entertainment.

Email for more information about technical requirements or to make a booking inquiry

Planet Lava


Everyone is an alien and the floor is lava! A silly space explorer uses circus to solve problems and shows that children are the smartest kids in the universe.

Runtime: 30-45 minutes

Handstand Chairs

Handstands on a stack of chairs! High level skills with a few quirky twists on a classic circus act. This precarious performance that has had over 200 audiences on the edge of their seat.

Runtime: 5-10 minutes

Pole Acrobatics

Acrobatics and Stylized movement combine with high-energy slapstick on a 6m rubberised pole. Corie is a little bit fancy and an expert at climbing up and falling down a bunch.

Runtime: 3-5 minutes

Crate Ideas

A seven-high stack and getting your bum stuck. A unique take on a handstand routine and another perfect job for the most versatile every day object ever invented.

Runtime 3-8 minutes to suit

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