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Rocket Box
Space explorer CorieP

Everyone is an alien and the floor is lava! A silly space explorer uses circus to solve problems and shows that children are the smartest kids in the universe.

After several postponed flights, everyones favourite space explorer is ready to blast off again to unknown planets- to find a new home home for the people of planet earth.

Planet Lava is silly, and interactive with high-level circus skills all sewn together to empower an audience of very clever alien children. If you're planning an event or festival, I'd love to hear from you and stay tuned for future expeditions as conditions continue to improve for live performance around the globe.


Milk Crate Circus also provides circus workshops and birthday party workshops for ages 5 and up!  Let us know if you would like a supervised circus play space packaged with a circus show for your special event.


Elbow Planche
Alien glove head
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