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Planet Lava circus show Rocket Box
Planet Lava circus show space explorer Corie

Everyone is an alien and the floor is lava! A silly space explorer uses circus to solve problems and shows that children are the smartest kids in the universe

Planet Lava is interactive and silly, with high-level circus skills and nonsense-logic sewn together to empower an audience of very clever alien children. If you're planning an event or festival, Planet Lava is a great choice for the kids programme! Runtime 30-45 minutes


Milk Crate Circus also provides circus workshops and birthday party workshop.

Organising an incursion for an outside of school hours centre?

Planet Lava circus show and workshop package is a popular choice for school holidays events, and after-school incursions (total engagement time up to 1.5h)


  • Begins with 30-45 minute planet lava circus show

  • Demonstration of circus equipment

  • Circuit of 4-5 circus activities for children to have a go at on a rotation: Juggling balls or scarves, hula hoops, poi, flowersticks, spinning plates (about 3-5 minutes at each activity). 


Planet Lava circus show handstand chairs elbow
Planet Lava circus show alien glove head
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